Local Expert Fearful Miley Cyrus Act May Leave Lasting Impression On Kids

CBS Boston

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BOSTON (CBS) — Miley Cyrus became famous for her portrayal of the wholesome teen singer Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.

But now, her new “adult” act has some local experts fearful she may be harmful to her younger fans.

An expert at the Center on Media and Child Health at Children’s Hospital says celebrities like Cyrus can have a lasting impact on children.

“It leads to a younger age of sexual initiation, children having sex earlier and it actually leads to unsafe sex,” Dr. David Bickham said.

It’s not a new phenomenon, child stars like Brooke Shields, Britney Spears and now Cyrus, re-branded as sex kittens while still in their teens with no regard for the impact on their impressionable young fans.

But what can parents do?

“You can have an open discussion about what’s happening here,” said Bickham. “What are we suppose to…

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Samantha Power was in Ireland on Syria, THEY LIE DAILY OBAMA IS A SCAM

Mystery solved. America’s ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power was in Ireland on a personal trip when she missed an emergency meeting on the alleged chemical gas attack in Syria, U.N. sources tell Fox News. 


A day earlier, State Department officials were mum when asked for information on Power’s whereabouts. She had come under fire for missing Wednesday’s urgent U.N. Security Council meeting, where delegations weighed how to respond to charges that the Assad regime had just committed the deadliest chemical weapons attack in the country’s two-year civil war. 

The meeting, and her absence, came just 19 days after Power assumed the U.N. leadership post. 

Power also did not attend a meeting Friday afternoon on Sudan — another trouble spot that Power has focused on in the past — though it is likely that such a meeting would have been attended by a deputy anyway. 

But U.S. officials are defending Power, saying she was on a preplanned trip and could not have made it back in time. Power was born in Ireland, and her family is from there. The nature of the visit to her home country is not clear; officials say that since the trip was personal, they were safe-guarding her privacy. 

One U.S. Mission official told Fox News that Power was the one pushing for immediate consultations by the Security Council after reports surfaced of the attack Wednesday morning. 

The official said Power believed the situation required an urgent response, and should not wait until her return to New York. The official said the U.S. was competently represented at the session by Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo, a seasoned diplomat who had been running the U.S. shop on an interim basis. 

The official noted that other permanent members of the council also were not represented by their permanent ambassador at Wednesday’s meeting. The official stressed that Power has been in constant contact with her staff and the White House. 

But Richard Grenell, a former U.N. spokesman under the George W. Bush administration, questioned how someone who had been on the job just 19 days could miss the session. Grenell told Fox News that her absence at this meeting could “scar her career.” 

The State Department was also unusually coy about Power’s whereabouts when asked on Thursday. 

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki declined, twice, to say where Power was during Wednesday’s meeting. “I don’t have any more details for you,” she said. 

Asked again, Psaki said: “She had a previously scheduled trip. I don’t think I need to go into more detail from here.” 

Meanwhile, the administration is looking into the chemical attack allegations, and Reuters reported late Friday that U.S. intelligence agencies have made a “preliminary assessment” that the Assad government did use chemical weapons this week. 

White House spokesman Josh Earnest also said “there is some evidence to indicate that chemical weapons may have been involved.” 

“And given our interest in ensuring that weapons of mass destruction are not proliferating and the need to protect our allies in the region, the president believes that this is something that requires our attention,” he said. “This is also something that requires the attention of the international community.” 



CNN has released yet another bombshell in the ongoing Benghazi scandal, and it is sure to shock those who haven’t been paying attention. Prepare for a window into the “transparent” Obama administration.

According to CNN’s Jake Tapper, the Obama administration is threatening CIA operatives who were on the ground during the deadly terrorist attack in Benghazi to keep them silent:

CNN has learned the CIA is involved in what one source calls an unprecedented attempt to keep the spy agency’s Benghazi secrets from ever leaking out.

Since January, some CIA operatives involved in the agency’s missions in Libya, have been subjected to frequent, even monthly polygraph examinations, according to a source with deep inside knowledge of the agency’s workings.

The goal of the questioning, according to sources, is to find out if anyone is talking to the media or Congress.

It is being described as pure intimidation, with the threat that any unauthorized CIA employee who leaks information could face the end of his or her career.

In exclusive communications obtained by CNN, one insider writes, “You don’t jeopardize yourself, you jeopardize your family as well.”

This should quell all naysaying that Benghazi is a “phony scandal” and “there is no cover-up.” Possible links to the Benghazi story that the Obama administration might want to cover-up are the arms shipments to al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in the February 17th Martyr’s Brigade and potential weapons smuggling to al Qaeda-connected rebels in Syria through the Turkish consul.

The CIA operatives’ story is similar to that given by the number two diplomat in Benghazi, Libya — Gregory Hicks. Under oath, Hicks testified that he was told by the State Department not to discuss Benghazi with House Republicans and then was demoted when he did.Image

Kerry clears Benghazi scandal workers to return Issa swears this isn’t over

WASHINGTON –  The four State Department officials put on administrative leave following the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi have been allowed back on the job after being cleared by Secretary of State John Kerry to return, in a move one lawmaker decried as a “game of musical chairs.” 


Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, vowed Tuesday to investigate how the department decided “not to pursue any accountability from anyone.” 

Last December, the officials were removed from their posts after an independent panel criticized the security and “lack of proactive leadership” at the U.S. diplomatic compound. The stinging State report also called out officials in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs and said they “showed a lack of ownership of Benghazi’s security issues.”

The Sept. 11 attack — led by militants who used heavy weapons including rocket-propelled grenades and mortars — killed four Americans, including former Ambassador Christopher Stevens. 

Following the December report, Eric Boswell, assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security resigned from his position. Charlene Lamb, the deputy assistant security tasked with embassy security, as well as Scott Bultrowicz, the former director of diplomatic security, were placed on leave by then-Secretary Hillary Clinton. Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell, who was responsible for the entire North Africa region, was also dangling in employment limbo. 

But a senior State Department official confirmed Tuesday to Fox News that the four employees have been invited back, following a “thorough review.” The official said the internal review “reaffirmed” that no one “breached their duty.” 

“In order to implement the (Benghazi report) and to continue to turn the page and shift the paradigm inside the Department, the four employees who were put on administrative leave last December pending further review, will be reassigned inside the State Department,” the official said. The official stressed that no one would “return to the positions they held prior to the (report’s) release and at the time of the attack.” 

Bultrowicz testified in a February deposition that he didn’t know why he had been placed on leave after the attacks.

Maxwell told The Daily Beast, which first reported that the employees were being allowed back to work, that he received a memo from the State Department’s human resources department telling him his administrative leave status had been lifted and that he should come into work Tuesday.

“No explanation, no briefing, just come back to work. So I will go in tomorrow,” Maxwell told The Daily Beast, adding that his “overall goal is to restore my honor.”

The workers who were placed on administrative leave were not subjected to any formal disciplinary action.

According to a senior State Department official, Kerry has “been hands-on focused on building the lessons learned from the Benghazi attack to strengthen security at missions worldwide and continue the ARB’s security paradigm shift.”

Kerry came to the decision after asking his senior-level team members to complete a review of the Benghazi Accountability Review Board’s findings. 

Kerry “studied their careers and studied the facts,” a senior State Department official said.  “Obviously Assistant Secretary Boswell long ago resigned as Diplomatic Security Chief, but none of the four individuals will return to the positions they held prior to the ARB’s release and at the time of the attack.”

Following Kerry’s decision, Issa said the Obama administration broke a promise to the families of the victims to hold people accountable for their actions.

“Instead of accountability, the State Department offered a charade that included false reports of firings and resignations and now ends in a game of musical chairs where no one misses a single day on the State Department payroll,” Issa said in a written statement. “It is now clear that the personnel actions taken by the department in response to the Benghazi terrorist attacks was more of a public relations strategy than a measured response to a failure in leadership.” 

The development comes amid concern that the U.S. still has not captured those responsible for the attack, nearly a year later. 

Earlier this month, the Justice Department filed criminal charges against several suspects in the Benghazi terror attack. One of the individuals charged is Libyan militia leader Ahmed Khattalah. In an interview conducted last October, Khattalah told Fox News that he was at the scene of the attack that night. 


A Rod Hit with a pitch Boom Goes the dynamite Homer next at bat!


We probably will never know the real truth, just like we won’t know the details of Rodriguez’s performance-enhancing drug past, but Dempster appeared to become the first pitcher this season to intentionally hit the New York Yankees third baseman.

The message: We don’t like what you’re about.

The Fen-way Park crowd was screaming, “You’re a cheater,” when Dempster drilled Rodriguez in the back with a 92-mph fastball.

The crowd loved it. Yankees manager Joe Girardi, thinking it was clearly intentional, and irked his pitchers were issued a warning, became unglued and was ejected. And, just in case anyone was wondering, at least Rodriguez’s teammates appeared to support him.

There were no cameras to see the reaction from Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, who is afraid to even talk to Rodriguez these days.

Yankees President Randy Levine, who told Rodriguez “to put up or shut up,” was likely watching from his New York home.







Presumably, Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun might have tuned in from his Malibu, Calif., home.

Braun detests Rodriguez but, suddenly, A-Rod is his new best friend.

The circus act surrounding Rodriguez has improbably improved Braun’s fortunes, particularly in the eyes of Major League Baseball.

Sure, Braun messed up big time. He is serving a season-ending 65-game suspension for his connection to performance-enhancing drugs.

But at the least, in less than a month he has gone from the game’s biggest pariah to Not A-Rod.

And with every public relations misstep Rodriguez commits, that’s not a bad role to play.

Braun has done that by staying silent and avoiding possible missteps. That changes this week with a public apology, nearly a month after he became the first player to step up and accept his suspension in the 14-player Biogenesis drug scandal.

He has sent letters of apology to Commissioner Bud Selig, MLB officials and specimen collector Dino Laurenzi Jr. He has spoken with players union chief Michael Weiner, Brewers manager Ron Roenicke and several of his teammates.

There are so many questions for Braun to answer, particularly regarding his treatment of Laurenzi.

Yet as long as Braun displays candor and contrition, it will be a strong first step out of the batter’s box in a journey that might ensure he doesn’t suffer the same treatment as A-Rod next season.

If nothing else, Braun admitting guilt should assure that the 2014 Brewers avoid the circus of daily allegations and conspiracy theories engulfing the Yankees, thanks to Rodriguez.

Let’s see, did A-Rod really rat on Braun and teammate Francisco Cervelli, leaking their names in the Biogenesis records, to take the heat off himself?

Did the Yankees purposely deceive one of Rodriguez’s doctors, or tell another, as Joseph Tacopina, one of Rodriguez’s attorneys, alleges, that they never want Rodriguez to play again?

Does it matter that Rodriguez’s attorneys have asked the union to formally begin a grievance process against the Yankees for allegedly mishandling his medical treatment and are peeved the union has been slow to react?

Does it matter that Levine offers to publicly release all of Rodriguez’s medical records for the world to see, waiting for Rodriguez to provide permission?

When does it stop?


“There’s nothing you can do,” he says, trying to make her feel better. “I know you’re worried about him. Some guys you meet them… you just know they’re going to be ok – Survivors. Jason’s one of those guys. You know that, right?”

Looking at the second sneak peek video, Alcide appears to have hit the nail on the head. The “Radioactive” clip shows the freed prison vampires dancing around Bill’s yard in the daylight while Violet feeds off a seemingly willing Jason. Although Eric fed Jason his blood in episode nine, it’s actually Violet that Jason is craving.

“Remember how you said the day was going to come where I was going to want to have sex with you?” he asks the alpha vampire. “What if that day has already come?”

“Not yet,” Violet responds. But Jason’s desperate for some loving. “Little by little we’ll get there,” she assures him, offering him her blood. Hesitant to drink from her, Violet forcefully yells for him to take it … and he does.

Their feeding is interrupted though when Sookie finally finds her brother. “Hey, Sook!” Jason says, excited. But Violet isn’t as happy to see her. “Who the f*ck is she?” she asks as her fangs come out.

“Whoa, that’s my sister!” Jason says, defending Sookie. But Violet’s still on the defense, countering by telling him, “You never mentioned anything about having a sister.”

Confused by who Violet is and her territorial nature, Sookie asks what’s going on. Reassured that she is Jason’s sister, Violet puts her fangs away and tells the half-faerie that she’s her sister too then. Walking towards Sookie, Violet grabs her face and they start kissing.

“Sookie — meet Violet,” Jason says, unfazed.  “She’s European.”

[Click HERE to watch the sneak peek videos of episode 10, “Radioactive.”]

Will the Sookie-Violet kiss really happen? Or is Jason’s mind just playing tricks on him due to the vampire blood? Only time will tell!

You can catch the season six finale of “True Blood” on Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO. What do you think will happen in episode 10, “Radioactive?” Let us know in the comments section.Image